DANIELS: Dogboarding

The Daniels continue down their path as one of my favorite innovators of the past year with their latest film, “Dogboarding.”

We can wait to share what they’ve got in store for F5!

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the doctor

i don’t get it


Really>>? Featured? Somebody knows somebody.


that was pretty horrifying. and the fact that there was no. matchup between the stuffed dog skateboards and the real dogs was annoying you can get away with a lot through clever editing, but it didn’t really work here.


not sure how that period drifted around in my post.


What’s sad is that none of you realize that this is one of the best things posted on this site in months.


I was expecting something much better before I pressed play. I didn’t think the effects worked at all. The huge difference between the stuffed dogs and real dogs ruined it for me.


The effects aren’t good, but I don’t think they were trying to be. It’s a gimmick, and the problem with it is that it’s too long. Half way through the jokes over, and you start paying more attention to the effects, which wasn’t the point to begin with…. I think.


Were the dog-boards supposed to look like dead dogs because that was kind of creepy. Would have been cooler if they had composited running dogs under the boarders feet instead of wheels on stuffed animals. As it is, it looks like a cheap high school video project. Sorry guys, but this doesn’t deserve to be featured over all the other great stuff out there.


What everyone is saying but…I’ll give them a pass because of their great holiday card

Simon Robson

Christ Almighty! OK, this vid, it’s just a laugh! I don’t think the effects are supposed to look seamless and slick, it’s part of the gag. It’s a bit loose, it’s a bit silly, it makes me smile.

I think Motionographer HAS to be a venue for gob-smackingly brilliant moving image pieces and quirky humorous shorts alike. Otherwise it will fast disappear up its own behind. If you look at Matt’s posts, he’s trying to challenge what M’ographer would be in danger of becoming if handled incorrectly; a navel gazing blog fixating on perfect execution . I don’t like all what Matt posts, but I’m glad he’s posting.


I think the main argument here is the fact that it’s on “Featured”, why is it placed above the quickies? What’s the point of having a Featured section when you start to add favoritism.

Matt Lambert

We’re all creatives ourselves and never claim not to be subjective. We all have our favorites. Each author is a fan of a different list of directors, studios, genres, mediums, etc. We’re neither a clinical nor objective gauge of what’s out there, but rather a portal that shares stuff we think is new, innovative and just plain cool….


The problem is that (for example) in mighty boosh this type of “effects” are working perfectly and in this particular case it just didn’t.


Don’t get it. Fake, fat and flat dogs. Nice skate park!


The Featured seems to move into an advertising thing for this F5 rather quickly. I see pieces coming by in the Quickies that are really worth watching, while a lot of Featureds seem to be posted to boost interest for F5.


Definitely a huge corporate conspiracy. I heard Haliburton is actually funding F5. You know what they say about non-profits: Look for the money source and you’ll find the true agenda.

Simon Robson

It’s all true. Dick Cheney is presenting on day 2, along with Rachel Maddow. It’s basically going to be Dick holding a loaded hunting rifle to Rachel’s head whilst she eats every page of the anti nuclear weapons book that she introduced last time at F5 in 2010. Notice how it hasn’t been published yet?


Nice. I just noticed it, I never stated it’s a wrong thing to do. Hell, I don’t run this website so I’ve got no saying in what’s Featured and what’s not, but like I said, it’s something I noticed.

No need to get all snarky over it.


No harm no foul. I wasn’t being snarky I was just joking. I actually agree with your observation. The main news have been packed full of F5 lately. That said, this is the website of the F5 promoters and they are doing it for the love, not the money.


Ok cool, no harm done. Surely I think F5 deserves all the best exposure, and I believe you they’re in it for the love, but overexposure on a channel like this site could in the long run do more harm than good. Not only F5 for that matter but the site itself as well, and it would be a pity to see it go down like that.

That said, I regret living on the other side of the ocean, so unfortunately no F5 for me : )


big ups to the daniels. disturbing, funny and heartwarming all at the same time. great execution too.


I just think it would have been a way cooler piece if they were to run along with a skateboard in hand next to the dog, the dog does a jump, and they ride the back of the dog in “hang-time”, then jump off onto a skateboard and ride away. A few tricky effects to make it seamless, but you could do most of it practical.

The whole slamming down on the dog thing between the rider and board is just… OUCH! Apparently The Daniels are not dog lovers.

When that burst of tree leaves or whatever sprays out from under the board & dog, I thought it was his guts at first!

the doctor

…i just don’t get the idea. what’s cool enough about riding dogs that would get you featured on the industry’s standard site. and if the idea isn’t there, the execution sure as hell should be for that kind of press.

that aside..props on Dogboarding’s photography and to the daniels for atleast keeping the non-commercial creative wheels turning.


Seriously? Stuff dogs on boards, that’s what the “industry site” shares to the motion design community? no wonder why this is the most exciting news in a while. Those good old motionographer are far over…


Yes, the vfx are half-baked and the idea is just plain weird without much motivation. But the photography and editing are pretty good.
The most interesting thing to point out is that this video has 3/4 of a million views and has been posted on many sites that most of the videos on this site would never touch. So, whatever flaws we might see in it, this piece has clearly connected with an audience. Perhaps we should be asking not why this is featured on Motionographer but what is it about this that helped this video break through to a wider audience, especially when this one doesn’t seem to accept it.


i got excited when i read the title, but was quickly disappointed. agree it should just be a quickie… BUT at least its not as bad as the dog dubstep video!

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