Meindbender: The Pirate

Is it all CG? Wow. Fantastic Cartoon Network bump from Meindbender.
(found via @gui_mm)




Fantastic work, great design, toon rigs, and rendering. Is this maxwell render as well? If so I’m heading that way real soon.


I read it took 16hs per frame to render. The project was about to be done in 4 months and the deadline was extended to 9. Insane rendertimes but the best realistic look ever.


amazing work, loved meindbender since the duplicators.

-Maybe we can have a behind the scenes or interview on this one instead of more ‘F5’, ‘you’re almost there’ and whatnot self promotion stuff…

Simon Robson

Hey Jens, yes it’s a great piece, blows me away too. As for F5 self promotional stuff, understood but be a little understanding. For all those involved this has I imagine been a huge thing in the making. And if 2009 was anything to go by, it will be incredible…

Justin Cone

For a site that’s abolished all ads, you can put up with a little self-promotion, can’t you? It’s just a few posts, and it means the world to us.

Thanks, Jens.


I’m sure F5’s a great thing and I know how hard it is to pull even small things off. I don’t think it’s wrong to do a little self promotion. It just felt like a lot when looking over the first page at the moment.


This is so beyond solid. Amazing work as usual from Meindbender.


hey wow. there aren’t any ads. cool.
why did you banish them, out of curiosity? objectivity?

Justin Cone

Yeah, and we just wanted things to be cleaner. Purer. It’s part of a larger plan that we’ll be unveiling soon.


Really amazing work, the pirate is stunning.


This piece is really a benchmark piece…..It really shows the perfection that rendering technology has arrived at. This is as photorealistic as any 3d I’ve ever seen….It marks the point in which we went from being able to tell that something is very good 3d to being indistinguishable from live action. To me it proves Maxwell to be the most realistic renderer.


I think the description comment says it all…”Is it all 3d”….based on this interview with Meindbender about their workflow…I think it is.

Brian Walsh

Brilliant! The sound design is incredible, too.


This is so great! Amazing animation, a very 2D handmade feel, specially on the parrot, I loved it. And the music reminds me of “The Secret of Monkey Island” and this can only be a good thing.


From top to bottom, start to finish, an amazing piece. It’s 3d (I think), and what’s great about it is that it doesn’t simply try to emulate claymation, it shows how you can use technology to evoke that claymation feeling, and then nuance the animation to do things you CANNOT do in claymation.

Expertly done.



you need a huge render farm to render in maxwell. :P this was took from the softimage mailing list. 16 hs a frame is insane!

“Or in this case, they didn’t have a deadline.
Which mean that their planned 4 month project in fact took 9 months to finish.
Just got new info on the render times, it was 16 hours and not 14.”

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