Megaforce: Is Tropical: The Greeks

Here’s the new music promo from Megaforce. It feels like the brilliant French trio have really exceeded themselves on this one, straight off the back of their hugely ambitious Cadbury’s commercial.

A fantastic concept, extremely well executed. A great one for a Friday afternoon. Watching this I couldn’t help my smile from ear to ear, in amongst the gasps of “no they didn’t!!!” and countless jaw dropping moments of mindless animated violence.
The best thing is seeing how much fun the kids must have had on this one.
The promo’s sure to cause a stir, but what’s a good promo without getting some chins wagging.

If you’re offended by cartoon violence, you may not want to watch this.

Directed by MEGAFORCE
Animation : SEVEN
Production : EL NINO
Producer : Jules DIENG
AE : Gianni MANNO /Francois PELLAE
Sound design : Laurent D’HERBECOURT / Tranquille Le Chat



The ramp up of violence was really well done. I love how they started out pretty vanilla then took it way over the top. All my coworkers were saying “no they didnt!” So good. :D Though, Im sure its going to take some major criticism.


What’s sad is that this stuff is happening for real right now in Central Africa (kids killing kids) and Americans out there are laughing at this short. I don’t think there
will be any more laughter if and when this level of violence actually comes to our home town. It’s only funny here because our children have not had to sell their innocence for another day of survival. Cartoon violence or not this short is in incredibly poor taste, I mean what’s next, animated child pornography?


Why do you assume this video disagrees with your outlook?


Well… I guess some of us are lucky enough to be able to sit back and be entertained by kids shooting the crap out of each other. I suppose violence is funny as long as it’s not happening to you. Other than the initial shock / humor value, this piece is rather unremarkable. Is this post really up there with the content or quality of the other amazing feature posts…. ? Really motionographer?


Whoa, wait.. the blood wasn’t animated? I thought it was fake! This is disgusting!


I bet that’s more or less how children imagine their war plays in their heads. The fact that the animation is reminescent of cartoons and not hyper realistic 3D just collaborates to the idea that everything happens in the realm of imagination. This is what makes it safe and fun. In the moment an adult tries to transport this fantasy of violence to the real world, all the sense of fun and enjoyment are immediately lost. Let the children play.

Nick Forshee

I thought the point blank flamethrower was a nice touch

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