Tactile Waveforms by Superfad & Nando Costa

Tactile Waveforms by Superfad & Nando Costa

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Wicked. A lot of original ideas there. Definitely deserves a full post.


I’d love to see a full post as well.


I love that they are still letting him explore and do what he does best.

Ayhan Cebe

love the experimental feel.. great work as always..


I’ve never been disappointed by any Nando work, the Anime Network ID is still one of my favorite pieces of mograph.

the doctor

i don’t get what people consider experimental about this or things like this…i just see music video with loosely strung together visual themes trying to be esoteric. i think ‘experimental’ on motionographer= not from an agency brief. this is a formal/mood exploration set to music…the whole science>music>math thing? i don’t know…using an image of some flasks, polygonal shapes and quarter inch instrument cable doesnt say much about those subjects at all to me…the connections are superficial, it’s like the idea is to appear like you have an idea.

i can’t say i have a concrete definition of ‘experimental film’ but it amazes me how often the label is used just because a piece isn’t an ad.


Jump here, lotts of experimental movies – http://thesoundofeye.blogspot.com/

Who said that in any exploration there is no formula?

But music is math after all. Really, it is.

what we should remember is that, when we do nor get it, perhaps the problem is with us.

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