Cut w/ Haircut by Add Void (NSFW)

Cut w/ Haircut by Add Void (NSFW).

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Matt Lambert

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no fun watching it makes no sense to me.


jackass gone horribly wrong? (NSFW=NonSenseFckingWeird)


so do you think its traced over live action?


Why is this posted here? Uninteresting to me. To each their own, I guess.

Nick Forshee

Interesting how 2D cell animation and sound can trigger my nerves. Its no love story, but i felt the pain of cutting off my own dick.


pursuades me to believe cutting hair is as horrible as cutting part of body.


This is weak! Happy tree friends set the bar, work on it!


This is brilliant! Interesting how, at this site, it is not received well.


I’d love for people to elaborate on their comments when they say things like this. Sadly, that’s what the majority of comments on video sites like Vimeo are. What makes this so brilliant?

I recognize the quip at the end that sinventor mentions, but honestly, it brings the idea that the artist is in dire need of a psychological evaluation before one considers that cutting off of any body parts is equivocal to simply using scissors to trim one’s hair.

This may have been a bit different for me if it was compared to circumcision before a hair cut.


‘Elaborate’? Sure. It’s personal.
The absurd comedy. Selective sound design. Being witness to an individual’s personal psychosis as apposed to a collective aesthetic. A piece not catering to the commercial market. Or maybe, deep down, I’m just a masochist.

Anders Hattne

I too find this weak: Comes across as a lame intent to be provocative for the sake of provoking. And the only thing that it manages to provoke is the question, why? Why waste time on rotoing a guy, comiting ridiculous acts of self-harm. (Which just made think of this as a metaphor for my view on certain aspects of our society, but I think there’s more intelligent ways of doing that)
This pretty much looks like the contents of my sketchbooks from an early age, but I think I tried to infuse the carnage with some kind of humor.


Does art have to make sense? if it makes you feel something then that justifies it. We get Nike add after phone add after channel sting and something pops up that is out of that circle and is barked at. Stop over thinking it.


for some art, I think it is funnier to understand its underlying. there are two person. The one listens his favorite music and he never care the name of music. The other one listens and try to find out the background how the composor made the music. different style or different passion.


…also I think its is meant to be view with a sense of humour much like the “bunny suicides” and if not…well there is my point, in the eye of the beholder, I thought that would of been understood in a place like this?

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