OK GO, Pilobolus, Trish Sie: All Is Not Lost

It was only a matter of time until OK GO got into the Chrome experiment game. They’ve partnered up with dance company Pilobolus, longtime collaborator Trish Sie, and Google Japan to create All Is Not Lost – a music video and love letter to Japan that allows you to send messages using either roman characters or katakana.

The HTML5 version is a bit processor intensive (took a couple false starts on my machine), but worthwhile for the window movement and typographic play. The regular music video still features their trademark clever visuals. Making of here.

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Evan Anthony

What was the purpose of the popups? Why couldn’t it all be in one window (they even have multiple videos in single windows at the end)? Don’t really see the purpose or any evolution from Wilderness Downtown (which we knew was a bit gimmicky to begin with).

Awesome choreography though!


also don’t understand the purpose of the pop ups. Maybe to empasize that it runs on chrome, not sure… choreography is cool.


Really cool


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Jeff Doud

Imagine the possibilities of controlling multiple screen spaces simultaneously.  We are entering the realm of the experience and interactivity.  Early days…

Paul Bonsell

I agree with the common sentiment here. When I was watching this I couldn’t stop thinking that the technology was used for the sake of it, not for a real creative idea.

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