Sony “Television Redefined”

Hints of Patrick Daughters in this stream-of-consciousness live action spot from Sony. 2D animation by Not To Scale’s Steve Scott. If anyone can find full credits, please drop us a line.

UPDATE: Mr. Scott has informed us the spot was directed by Johnny Green with an “insane amount of work by Glassworks.”

Director: Johnny Green (Gorgeous)
Producer: Spencer Dodd (Grey London)
Creatives: Matt Waller & Dave Monk
Agency Producer: Rebecca Pople
VFX: Glassworks
Flame: Duncan Horn
3D: James Mann + his crew
Producer: Misha Stanford
2D Animation Directed by Steve Scott (Not To Scale)
Animation: Ed Wilmore
2D Animation Producer: Lisa Hill
E.P. Dan O’Rourke:
Compositing: James Littlemore