Futurama 3D

Updated with new making of video Futurama fan and 3D artist Alexey Zakharov took it upon himself to recreate the world of the beloved sci-fi… Read more

Gretel: IFC Rebrand

We dive deep with Gretel's Ryan Moore into the process behind the IFC rebrand.

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey

The all-star crew behind the reboot of a classic TV series brings something sorely needed in science: art direction.

Prologue: “Elementary” Title Sequence

Prologue’s Creative Director Simon Clowes has crafted an elegantly sinister title sequence for CBS’ new series, “Elementary,” starring Jonny Lee Miller as a contemporary Sherlock… Read more

Sony “Television Redefined”

Hints of Patrick Daughters in this stream-of-consciousness live action spot from Sony. 2D animation by Not To Scale’s Steve Scott. If anyone can find full… Read more

Trollbäck + Company: Website Update

Trollbäck + Company updates their portfolio with several noteworthy broadcast design projects: Cooking Channel rebrand, End Tag montage, AICP 2010 open, World Science Festival open,… Read more

NATPE 2010 Coverage

Photo by Todd Ehlers NATPE 2010 Day One: “It’s the content, stupid!” There is no better place to get a snapshot of the state of… Read more

MTV Movie Award Leftovers

Created for (and rejected by) MTV Movie Awards. This slice of genius was made by LA duo Fatal Farm (who also animated the recent Major… Read more

SciFi = SyFy

In a baffling move, SciFi has renamed themselves SyFy (Thanks, Umy!)