DANIELS: Weetabix “Dancer”

A cute little girl takes a bite of her Weetabix breakfast. That’s the usual cue to dive into the bowl for a cereal-inspired world of animation for 20 seconds before zooming out to a smiling family and an endtag.

How about, instead, the girl gets out of her chair and takes us on an acid trip dance party with rimlit breaking bears. Yes?

Who is having more fun than DANIELS? No one.

Agency: BBH London
Prod Co: PrettyBird

Song: “A New World” By Mord Fustang

Creative Director: Dominic Goldman
Choreographer: Omari Carter
Dancer: Arizona Snow
Costume: Mr Gammon
Puppeteers: Matthew Lloyd, Molly Freeman




This is awesome! Love this post.

Berian Lowe

These guys are amazing. Great to see people having so much fun whilst working!

Great outcome too!

Alexis Smith

Wow. Dubstep just keeps getting worse.


I always thought the Bears were CG

Jens Blank

Sorry to be the critic here…

 disclaimer: this is solid work well executed and everythingHowever compared to what’s on the page for main posts at the moment this one falls behind the standard in my opinion. Maybe someone can explain to me what is so cutting edge about this commercial. I certainly feel I’ve seen this before


I have to agree that Motionographer really favours these guys. The first music video they posted here was brilliant. Mind-blowing! But a couple pieces that followed didn’t really belong to the main blog. However, this ad accompanied with the making-off make for an excellent post. The making-off is a reminder that you can still have a good time while making the big commercial projects. It is a reminder of why we are all here in the first place. And props for Daniels! Quite the prolific duo.

Stephen Fitz

I think its interesting in that its a cutting edge directing duo intersecting with the (sometimes, mostly) non-cutting edge world of agency work. There is a fundamental tension with creativity and being commercial (i.e. making a living). Daniels work is generally inspiring, and breakfast cereal is generally uninspiring. Is it any surprise that the result is halfway in-between?

I’ve always wondered how Maxim Zhestkov will make a long term living. His work has always been beautiful and inspiring, but once he has done work for all of the MTVs out there, will his aesthetic extend into the more broad world of design/motion/advertising? Not that it has to. I’m not begging for him to “sell out”, but every time a piece of his gets posted I watch for signs of him having or not having to adapt. He seems to be holding steady at the moment, which is cool.

At the risk of sounding like someone who thinks you have to dilute your vision to make it out there: I don’t think that, I just think its a common outcome.


…Motionographer favoritism….not as good as non-commercial stuff…blah-blah..
The question everyone should really be asking is “why does this girl have several other children watching her eat breakfast?”  They’re not holding bowls themselves.   Clearly, this commercial is an attempt to visualize the near-future of the Eurozone and the effect of its financial dissolution.  Since this narrative vignette takes place in a time where sentient dancing bears are available, we can assume this takes place in the future, where the Euro has collapsed and only a lucky few can afford to eat breakfast on a regular basis. But labor is cheap and the audience for this girl’s breakfast hijinks are culled from her collection of “friends” who live in near-slave-labor conditions and must watch their “best friend” eat a delicious breakfast that she only takes a single bite of before she demonstrates her overabundance of calories by performing an energetic gig.  The children’s glassy gazes betray their lack of nourishment as they stare longingly past their mistress toward the uneaten weatabix that she will almost certainly pour down the sink while they watch.  


I wish i had written that… Fancy a job copywriting? I have a pitch for a breakfast cereal coming up  :)


Is it for Shredded Wheat?  I envision a message about how shredded wall street documents lead to shredded middle class dreams – right before a sexy snow boarder shreds across the screen, the cascade of snow (literally) whitewashing away the political message.   A delicious part of a nutritious breakfast. 


Damn, you are on fire! Much like the dreams of the middle classes etc etc. But I must echo what Justin said above, all-time favourite comment! You should really start your own blog, pretty much duplicating every Motionographer post, but with your own commentary. British comedian & writer Charlie Brooker had a blog 10 years or so ago (Before they were called blogs) called ‘TV go home’. It was jam packed with milk-curdlingly acidic commentary about the pointlessness of modern TV schedules. Your style reminds me of him. If you don’t know ‘TV go home’, look it up!

Justin Cone

One of my all-time favorite comments on Motionographer. Which isn’t saying much. But still, this is brilliant.


Now I’m going to have to figure out how to put it on my showreel.  

77 Creative

This is a nicley executed ad. Some people have commented and said ‘it’s not cutting edge’ etc, but, amoungst all the other confusing and off-brand advertising, it’s really nice to see that Daniels have directed a nice piece for a brand that communicates to both adults and children. I like it.


I saw this piece a couple of weeks ago on adforum.com. The girl is fantastic :-)

Paul Bloomfield

The making of vid is soo much more fun than the actually Ad.

Ally Pugh

A homage to Aphex Twin http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xgy2cj_aphex-twin-donkey-rhubarb_music

Rie Tanaka

Awesome CM! Bears are so cute, and I was so surprised to know that they were not CG!



they start to loosin their mojo

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