Antoine Bardou Jacquet + The Mill: Müller “Wünderful Stuff”

Partizan’s Antoine Bardou Jacquet directed “Wünderful Stuff,” a comically epic spot for yogurt brand Müller and agency TBWA\London. The Mill slam-dunked the VFX work, making me wish I’d been one of those lucky pedestrians caught in the hail of magical yogurt.

From The Mill’s blog:

The biggest challenge faced by our VFX team was the integration of the cartoon characters into each scene, especially the “splat” sequence. Richard continues, “Each character had to still feel cartoon and graphic-like, whilst actually be part of the shot. The splat shots consisted of a live action plate, real fruit shot at high speed against blue screen and of course, the 2D cell animation. The animators, after taking our timings and position of each character, created a very clever morph which literally unfolded each figure into the shot. This helped us create a seamless transition from bureaucrat to Mr Man.”

Thanks to Josh Spool for the nudge.