Jeremie Rozan – Surface to Air – Easy Like a Sunday Morning

New short by Jeremie Rozan. Sexy, and beautifully composed. Bring back those long summer days. (NSFW)


leo lamba

ok, nice video, the girl body is hot, too bad they showed her face at the end. I  rather wondered what would she look like. She’s average looking at best.
Why is this video here? no graphics at all on it. 


it’s here because it’s “beautifully composed”.

And yeah, i watched this because of the side boob.


but it is beautifully composed


So true, Leo.  Why on Earth would they show that woman’s face?  Clearly, nobody is interested in seeing that.  Especially when it’s only average  – at best!  

Since you have such a keen eye for beauty, I hope you don’t mind me rearranging your cogent criticism into a more aesthetically pleasing haiku:  

woman body looks acceptable
but her average face!
graphics cover it please

If you wish to reply to my comment, I hope it will be in the form of a haiku.

leo lamba

Just think it’s funny you took it so personally. Beauty is on the eye of the beholder. The girl is hot but imo has not such a pretty face. I would rather let letting people guess what she look like. It would make it more interesting. Anyway, if you don’t like my comment, then it’s your problem.  


nice compos, especially that shot with the car approaching in the left side of the screen

Lauren Fundora

Intimate and poetically shot video by Jeremie Rozan. Sexy too. Did I say beautiful?

Christian Hogue

sorry screw the smoking….

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