David Lewandowski: Friendly Fires ‘Hurting’

David Lewandowski’s short film, Going to the Store, polarized the internets. Some loved it. Some hated it. And some people reenacted it.

Lewandowski’s back with a music video for Hurting by the Friendly Fires. It’s a sweet take on the age-old story of boy lusts for girl, girl has hot legs and crushing power over boy (perhaps these are interrelated), but boy just can’t stay away.

I dig the fun, Gondry meets high-end homebrew VFX, feeling. And I love the in-camera lighting, created by velcro-ing literibbon and litecards to a balaclava.

Q&A with dlew coming soon.

Director, David Lewandowski
VFX supervisor, Dustin Bowser

Director of Photography, Christian Sprenger
Producer, Christian Heuer
Exec Producer, Laura Tunstall

Starring, Nikol Peeva, George Loomis

3D Modeling and Matchmove, Patrick Goski
2D Graphic Designer/Animator, Jake Portman
Editor, Trevor Durtschi
Additional Design, Brian Gossett

1st AC, Alyssa Soetebier
DIT, Chris Hoyle
Gaffer, Brandon Wilson
Key Grip, Yuki Noguchi
Stylist, Michelle Thompson
Makeup and Hair, Ashley Harris
PA, Mike Gammariello

Colorist, Mark Todd Osborne

Special thanks, Erin Cantelo, R&R Gallery, Mark Yamamoto, James Cameron Pace Group, Maxon USA/Germany, LiteGear, William Mendoza, Doug Wilkinson, Josh Johnson, Ben Budzak