Happycamper for China Mobile: “Wireless City”

Happycamper spent the fall of 2011 working alongside China Mobile to create an ambitious mixed-media piece in Wireless City. Using a combination of traditional model-making techniques and 3D technology, the spot bridges the gap between traditional and digital mediums. With a meticulous craftsmanship, the audience remains oblivious to the integration of contrasting techniques, and the difference between what is physical and inanimate becomes indistinguishable. The result is seamless. Working from sketches, maquette models, and architectural blue-prints, Happycamper enlisted the help of Vaidas Bagonas for character design, Milford for final models and Codsteaks for the creation of small props and set building.

Check out an in-depth look into the creation of Happycamper’s Wireless City here.
Watch Happycamper’s Wireless City with subtitles here.