Niki & The Dove – The Fox

WINTR kicks it up for Niki and The Dove with this amazing video. Apparently done completely in CG, it does have the feel of your latest trendy DSLR-footage with CG combined hipster thingie.

WINTR is kind of new on the motion graphics playground (at least for me), which makes the quality of the piece even more impressive. There seems to be an obvious trend of classical motion graphics houses venturing into live-action, while smaller web-based studios push their techniques to easily compete with the big players. Watch, everyone, how every new technology levels the playing field. Now after all this nonsense, go ahead, enjoy the piece.


Benjamin Winters

Mates, Ben from WINTR here. Thanks a lot for the post. I think there are some misconceptions about what we do. Yes, we are a new company, no we are not a “smaller web based studio” as you put it. We work -and have worked- both in the motion and interactive disciplines from the start.  We aim to create work that delivers value to our clients. As creative thinkers we enjoy new challenges and having a breadth of tools at our disposal. As you well know, lines are blurring and things are changing. We exist in that and we’ve got a talented team across disciplines. We’re happy that you like the piece.

Benjamin Winters


“it does have the feel of your latest trendy DSLR-footage with CG combined hipster thingie.”

Haxn Wasswa

the music is infectious… great work.

Esra Ayhan

there is good material such as “changing heads”, “ending life”, “space and ground feels as if they were each others reflections.”

wished all of these materials combined to tell that they are pieces of a final idea like this cat girl ending up dead  with a human face. so this journey we watched would mean this was her last moments in our industrial world as a human.

or what we watched is the very definition of life and people from all around the world itself. 

it doesnt have to be organically ending, but when i watch this i get the feeling that this is one of the videos that had been made just to look and feel cool because of the distinguishing heads.

TommyTronic Hutcherson

Super creative video… I love the vast environments and the different mask changes. You guys at WINTR knocked it out of the park with this one!

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