Something Savage 2012 Reel

Fresh 2012 reel by NY-based Daniel Savage, aka Something Savage ( Bran).

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About the author

Daniel Coutinho

Daniel lives in Los Angeles, CA, with his wife. Originally from Brazil, he is currently at Buck.



Although I thought most of the work was well done, the choice of music for the piece was questionable. IMHO, too much profanity for a professional reel.

John Fischer

I understand where you’re coming from, but I disagree. It shows some personality. If you don’t like it, if it turns you off, don’t hire him. Simple as that. I’m guessing there was some thought put into the music choice with the knowledge it might offend some people. Guessing he doesn’t care.


or it’s just a kid who doesn’t know better. Thought put into it or not, the profanity will close a lot of doors and that’s a bad idea, especially in today’s market.

Better to show your professionalism then your ‘street cred’.


Street cred? This reel is killer. In todays agency/broadcast world, a reel with this much energy and skill is welcome.. Also, what lyrics offended you? I barely noticed the lyrics but did enjoy the edit/beat. If you don’t want to hire this dude, then that’s your loss. I wish my shit looked this good.


i’d be shocked if that choice wasn’t completely intentional.  I’ve done it before, too – put out what you want to get back. i’m sure he doesn’t want to work for a shop that would be offended by some light cursing.  and he’s good enough to be that choosy.

Colin Evoy Sebestyen

Cool to see a mix of installation/offline/mobile/broadcast/tour visuals. This is the mograph of the future.

josh spool

Mograph of the future? People have been designing for multiple platforms for quite some time. 

Colin Evoy Sebestyen

…gah, I guess my point was, in the future, the trend will be more of that sort of work, less static screens.

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