Gabe Askew for The Columbia Water Center “Deeper Than Water”

Gabe Askew creates another top quality spot via Hornet Inc. for an environmental commentary piece for the Columbia Water Center. Utilizing a stylized stop motion approach, Gabe’s beautiful motion info-graphic is showcased by a smooth, continuous camera.  It employs a masterful use of lighting to highlight these scenes and draw us further into the seamlessly connected miniature worlds Gabe has created.

Long time readers might remember a previous posting for Gabe’s fan video of Grizzly Bear’s Two Weeks that also embraces a captivating 3D faux diorama setting.  Check out the video on Hornet’s site  for some written commentary from Gabe.

Director: Gabe Askew

Hornet Inc.
Executive Producer: Michael Feder
Head of Production: Greg Bedard
Producer: Jan Stebbins
Storyboard Artist: Bill Moore
Editor: RJ Glass
Concept Artist: Carlos Ancalmo
CG Artist: Erwin Riau
Modeler: Dave Soto
Rigging: Phil McNagny
Animation: Peter Karnik
Compositing: Arthur Hur
Illustration: Paul Daniel

Agency: GOOD/Corps
ECD: Kirk Souder
Creative Directors: Driscoll Reid, Jason Nichols
Partnership Manager: Carolyn Sams
Executive Producer: Jimmy Greenway

Music: Robert Schwartzman (of Score A Score)
Mix: Luke Bechthold (Subtractive)