MTV Group Hug by Sehsucht

Lovely new “Group Hug” MTV ident from Mate Steinforth of Sehsucht. (Check out making-of and be sure not to miss the previous “Close and Caring.”)


Mate Steinforth

what, no haters?


Dude, that one piece of grass as the 2nd creature is snuggling up to the first is so outta place. What the hell were you thinking? QC that sh*t!!!

For real though, good stuff. And gettin a sneak peek under the hood. It’s like seein my first pair o’titties again.
Dope character rigs.
Sehsucht, always bringing it to the table.


 Just lovers here Mate :)

Olly Low Poly

It seems that MTV received pretty big update recently with good amount of decent motion works. Maybe collect all those in one big main page post? 

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