In the immortal words of Mr. Greg Herman: “Supinfocom strikes again.” Make sure to watch this gem of a short, directed by Alex Vial, Martin Brunet, Leslie Martin & Matthieu Garcia. Great character design, fantastic animation – and I personally had more than a few LOL moments.

Directed by Alex Vial, Martin Brunet, Leslie Martin & Matthieu Garcia
Music by Neal Williams
Sound design by Julien Bégault


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Elliot Blanchard

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Elliot Kealoha Blanchard runs Invisible Light Network, a Brooklyn design studio covering everything from broadcast to interactive and experience projects. He also directs short films, and his previous work has appeared in film festivals around the world.



This was really great. I actually laughed a lot which was surprising. Amazing direction.


Fantastic short. Would love to get some more behind the scenes look at this.

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