Canada: Justice ‘New Lands’

Barcelona-based directing collective CANADA has produced a new music video for the Parisian artist Justice. According to Canada’s Luis Cerveró, “It was all about aesthetics and stylization: the seventies sci-fi films of our childhood (with its gorgeous colors, gadgets and widescreen photography), and hints of Japanese anime, eighties visual effects and sports films neuroticism.”

Canada: Justice ‘New Lands’
Justice ‘New Lands’ from their album Audio, Video, Disco (Ed Banger/Because Music)
Director: Canada
Production company: Canada/Partizan
Producer for Canada: Oscar Romagosa
Producer for Partizan: Arthur Cantin
DOP: Arnau Valls and Pau Castejón
1st AD: Luis Casacuberta
Art Director: Roger Bellés
Stylist: Carolina Galiana
Casting: Jessica Gómez
Post Production: Glassworks Barcelona
Color Grade: Glassworks London
Editor: Canada
Sound Design: Marco Casanova
Visual FX & Graphic Design: Actop


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Angelo Collazo

I am a doodling high-school artist who became a professional 3D computer animator. (Thanks SVA!) While still doodling, I have been blessed by God to work on large projects such as Psyop's Michelin Man tire campaign, Blue Sky Studio's movie "Rio", and Nick Jr's "Team Umizoomi". I also enjoy working on my own side personal projects (I aspire to be a director). Currently, I am fully enjoying a new life-chapter as a happily married man.



An epic production with a cast of dozens, stunts, motorcycles, beautiful anamorphic photography, crowd/stadium VFX, sync sound and sound design for a music video, tons of VFX…

And for what? A completely forgettable non-idea that a 13 year old boy would have doodled during math class circa-1986. What a waste.


Agreed, what a waste, boring, like a 12 year old with a budget, same old corny themes play out over and over, extremely forgettable. Like Canada but somethings gone wrong here, whats it doing on the front page?


Personally, I think the story is about of where professional sports are headed. Violence to entertain the masses with disregard to player safety, rigged outcomes, ultimate control by owners (and their hired commisioners), all to try and make the most money for themselves. All while under the guise of an athletic game. In the end, it’s an ultimate underdog story.


Awesome video! Perfect job and VFX :)


Wait, Jason Street gets paralyzed but he doesn’t die right?

I enjoyed the visuals but I wish the motorcycles had lived up to their promise.

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