Anima Mundi Festival 2012 Opening Titles by Guilherme Marcondes

Adapting a print piece for animation can be kind of a crapshoot. Sometimes it turns out great, sometimes not so great. Guess how it turns out when Guilherme Marcondes is involved?

Directed by Guilherme Marcondes
Animation Direction: Luciana Eguti and Paulo Muppet
Animation: Paulo Muppet, Pedro Eboli, Rafael Gallardo
Animation Assistant: Fernando Finamore
Compositing: Guilherme Marcondes, Antonio Linhares, Paulo Muppet
Production Assistant: Flávia Luz
Music: Anvil FX
Sound Engineer: Carlos Lima


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Elliot Blanchard

Elliot Kealoha Blanchard runs Invisible Light Network, a Brooklyn design studio covering everything from broadcast to interactive and experience projects. He also directs short films, and his previous work has appeared in film festivals around the world.

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Maybe the typography is unredeable, but the creativity and the composition are great. Perfect for the Festival.

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