Anthony Furlong/1st Avenue Machine: Nokia “Cowboy”

Anthony Furlong and 1st Ave. Machine get into some fun meta-storytelling for Nokia. A couple words on the production from Mr. Furlong:

W+K came with the great idea of creating a story within the screens of the new Nokia Tasman. It immediately made me think of lying on the floor as a kid, making my He-Men and GI Joe’s talk to one another. So, with this, I got to dive in and start brainstorming on all the possible characters and story situations we could create using a mashup of movies, video games, music and social media content that smart phones let us play with.

It was the ultimate narrative and visual puzzle, and we combed through days of footage to find the right characters and moments to fit into this tiny saga We quickly decided that we should base our story on the time-tested cliché of the cowboy bar fight, and that casting the two leads would help to connect our elements together. Detailed animatics allowed us to carefully choreograph the phones on set as well as time out the actions of the actors.

This “genre-crashing” was a lot of fun for everyone on the project and we had many late nights sitting in the studio laughing our heads off at all the possibilities – referencing everything from Angry Birds to Georges Méliès.


Director: Anthony Furlong
Production Company: 1stAveMachine
Director: Anthony Furlong
Creative Director: Aaron Duffy
DP: William Rexer
Line Producer: Mikha Grumet
Editor: Ron Brodie
Post Supervisor: Johnna MacArthur
AE Lead: Lucas Bell
AE: Nam Doan
AE: Mark Friedman
AE: Josephine Noh
3D: Gavin Guerra
Matte Painter: Amy Paskow

Agency: W+K New York
Group Creative Director: Ben Hughes
Group Creative Director: Masa Kawamura
Art Director: Mathieu Zarbatany
Copywriter: Andrew Jasperson
Producer: Jenny Hollowell