Sub! by Jesse Schmal


Brilliant short Sub! from RISD grad Jesse Schmal.

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Matt Hunter Ross

2007 SCAD grad - MFA Broadcast Design & Motion Graphics.


Jeremy Solterbeck

Not that it matters, but this clip is 12 years old? It’s still genius though. I remember in Austin he won the animation category, and the prize was Lightwave. He came back and sat down and said, “WTF am I going to do with this?!” So funny.


Yeah I knew it was old (but not that old!). All I know is that it’s impressive, and its never seen the light of day here. Thanks for your comment!

Jesse Schmal

Wow thanks, fellas! Jeremy, I have a vague recollection of that prize, which indeed, I didn’t use. I could’ve been so ahead of the game if I’d gotten busy learning 3D then. Dang.

Jeremy Solterbeck

Jesse! Ha ha! Well, I guess we’re all still watching this stuff, so that’s a good sign. So have you learned 3D yet? ;)

Matt – glad you don’t feel like it’s that old, that makes my day!

Rock on, all –

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