Sam Mason and Pete Candeland: Mazda “Incredible World”

Strange Beast put director Sam Mason and creative director Pete Candeland together on “Incredible World,” a stunning advert for Mazda and agency Garage/Team Mazda. The spot follows a new model Mazda CX-9 through seamlessly integrated landscapes rendered in lushly stylized CG.

Passion Pictures NY / Strange Beast NY handled all design and direction, while Absolute Post’s NY office took on the animation and compositing. That’s a potent combo.

Passion Pictures NY / Strange Beast NY
Producer: Eve Strickman
EP: Belinda Blacklock
Creative Director: Pete Candeland
Director: Sam Mason
Gordon Waltho
Kim Dulaney
Sarah Orenstein
Laura Alejo

Absolute Post NY:
CG Supervisor/ Lead: Jasper Kidd
Previs: Jasper Kidd, Jim Vidal, Eric Lane
Animators: Jim Vidal, Paul Wei, Jasper Kidd, Eric Lane
Modelers: Eric Lane, Paul Liaw, Tom Cushwa, Piotr Glabinski, Kenneth Polonski, Jim Vidal, Jasper Kidd
Rigging: Paul Wei, Gabriela Hernandez
Textures/ Lighters: Alex Scollay, Ed Manning, John Volny, Jake Slutsky, Kevin Couture, Jasper Kidd, Eric Lane
Compositors: Dirk Greene, Jasper Kidd, Jimmy Bullard, Alex Gabucci, Betty Cameron, Jake Slutsky
Producer: Bugs Russell
EP: Melanie Wickham

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Tim Reynolds Low Poly Worlds…..


Haterz gonna hate…..
awesome work.


why is pointing out that this looks similar to Tim Reynolds work hating?


I guess the you missed the 5 periods at the end of the sentence. That usually indicates distaste here on the internet where its hard to express emotion through type and pixels.


Your right, thats how it was intended to be read. I dont know about ‘haterz’ but I was just pointing out that credit where its due is needed. I think the spot is dope and the work is well done of coarse but in terms of the visual style and application of the concept its a bit cheeky imo. This is something that seems to be happening more and more and as we are not talking about art, but design and people making money out of it, Its offensive to not to give credit to your inspirations, especially when its that obvious.

Dan Fassnacht

Mr Vidal looking good!

PJ Richardson

who cares what it might resemble its awesome and a ton of (great) efforts!

Chris Martz

Tim Reynolds is good but he didn’t invent this look or style.

Plenty of commercial work like this takes inspiration from many visual sources and goes through many different stages before it ends up on here.

If anything the low poly look is pulling from nostalgia for early CG Art and videogames, they did it way before Tim Reynolds opened C4D.

I think this turned out pretty well, the scenery is really beautiful and the compositions and camera moves are fairly interesting. It’s not the most groundbreaking car ad but it looks alot better than most.


Dont get me wrong I am not blowing Tims Reynolds trumpet here, and I understand that the style is in no way new BUT that said this spot has been treated in an almost identical way. the render is VERY similar and while Tim cant coin the style I think a hat tip is in order. In truth its a copy of a copy which is questionable in its own right but as I said the similarity is to close to be ignored.

Chris Martz

sorry PJ, not suppose to be a reply to you, jut a post :)


Just to point as well those commercials from Smith and Foulkes, that were done 3 years.
To me this one looks like a mix of those 2:

And that was done before Tim Reynolds was doing is stunning isometric worlds, I think.


*3 years ago, I mean


this looks like things!


No matter what, it looks amazing. Very well crafted. Unfortunately, the music and vo completely destroys it for me.

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