Guillermo García Carsí & El Señor Studio: Doomed: a biological cartoon!

Finally online in all its full-length glory, Doomed: a biological cartoon! by Guillermo García Carsí and El Señor Studio introduce us to endearingly bizarre animals with questionable abilities to play the game of natural selection. Carsí is the creator of the internationally successful children’s show, Pocoyo and Doomed! shares the series’s focus on crafted character design against a simple background.

The wildlife documentary format, made famous by David Attenborough and Marty Stouffer, has inspired many an artist with its stranger than fiction zombie fungus insects and decked out birds of paradise. As with any template, playing within this form creates grounds ripe for humor, as in Waverly Films’ The Amazing Lyrebird of Australia – Unseen Footage. It’s a great framework for a television show – allowing El Señor to highlight as few or many creatures in one setting as they want, as well as leaving the door open to explore real world settings in the future – as hinted in the end of the short.

Hat tip to Short of the Week.