Scott Benson: Toh Kay “With Any Sort Of Certainty”


Editor’s Note:
Scott’s video has been taken off of Vimeo/YouTube due to legal crossfire between a record label and the artist. As soon as it is back online we will re-embed it.

We last featured Pittsburgh-based Scott Benson when he released his cosmic music video for The Murf’s Rendezvous. His new music video for Toh Kay‘s With Any Sort Of Certainty is a story about not being ok, and trying to be.

I’m loving how Scott’s style is developing. Check out the sequence starting at 2:05 as the photographer leaves his office to see a brilliant combination of his angular, flat character designs combining with lush lighting and dimensional cues. At 3:11, as the protagonist’s world starts to break apart, the pixels tear away as well.

I highly recommending heading over to Scott’s blog to read more about the music video’s genesis. Here’s an excerpt:

I normally write big long statements about pieces like this, about what I was trying to say and whatnot. But this time I’m not. I’m interested in what, if anything, people take from it. I will say it’s a story about not being ok, and trying to be. Some of this vid is about ideas I think about a lot, and some of it is more directly about my own life. I guess everything anyone makes is like that.

And Tomas’ great song really pushed it in the direction in ended up going. We were apparently mind-melded at some point last fall when all of this was coming together, as I think the vid and the song comment on each other nicely. I think. But I don’t know. That’s your call. Either way, I am grateful to Tomas for trusting me with an open brief, and allowing me to go nuts with the story and direction.