Chris Randall: Pilsner Urquell “Book of Legends”

Stunning stop-motion from Chris Randall and Second Home Studios to celebrate the birthday of Pilsner Urquell. It’s exciting to see the work of paper artist Su Blackwell translated into motion.


Director: Chris Randall

Produced by: Jim Turner and Chris Randall
Original design/sculpture created by: Su Blackwell
Lead Modeller: Sarra Hornby, Paul Doran
Modelmakers: Ian Whittle, Karen Richards, Natalie Bancroft, Adam Watts, Sarah Ashton Tristan Pritchard, Jon Reynolds, Martin Kaye

Lead Animators: Ian Whittle, Jud Walton.
Animation: Natalie Bancroft, Adam Watts, Tristan Pritchard, Sarra Hornby, Jon Reynolds.
Motion Control Operator: Matt Cusworth
Studio Lighting/Rigging: Luke Unsworth
Assistant Animators/Modellers: Lauren Newman, Lianne Allen, Scott Willets, Katie Bee.
Runner: Liam Smyth

Post-Production: Handsome VFX
Sound Design: Jim Turner
Voice Artist: Richard Armitage
CGI Pre-Visualisation: Character Shop

Account Creative Director (The Bank): Ryan Shaw



What a beautiful piece, and what an incredible making of video!
I was watching it wondering how they did the watery light, and then Hey Presto! There it was, for all to see. It somehow makes it more wonderful for me :-)


Gorgeous, love the raindrop writing! Really enjoyed the making of also.

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