Virgilio Villoresi: John Mayer “Walt Grace’s Submarine Test, January 1967”

Milan-based Virgilio Villoresi uses the pre-cinema technique, ombro cinema, to animate the drawings made by Virginia Mori. Everything was filmed in live-action, no post production effects were employed. Make sure to check out the rest of Virgilio’s charming portfolio.

For those of you curious to learn more, check out lenticular sheets and autostereoscopy, aka glasses-free 3D. Go nuts with lenticular image creator.

Behind-the-scenes photos and credits after the jump!

Director: Virgilio Villoresi
illustration: Virginia Mori
dop: Marcello Dapporto
producer: Davide Ferazza
camera assistant: Edoardo Mari
assistant: Carlo Cossignani & Elisa Ghiretti
color grading: Claudio @Band
Prod. Co.: Withstand

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Nice! I’ve been experimenting with this technique a bit too – we made this Christmas card at Beakus a couple of years ago Great to see someone apply it to a narrative.

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