Wriggles & Robins: Travis “Moving”

London-based Tom Wrigglesworth and Matt Robinson, aka Wriggles & Robins, create this lovely in-camera music video for Travis’s Moving. On a chilly chilly set, the band’s breath reveals animations within a projector beams.

My favorite part? The simple staircase where it’s hard to tell if the dimensionality is in the animation or an ode to Anthony McCall‘s volumetric light.

The video is based on a concept explored in Wriggles & Robins’ short film, Love is in the Air. There’s nothing quite like real light interacting with fluid dynamics to remind you the real world is magic.

Directed by Wriggles & Robins
Production company: RSA
Projected Animation: MPC
EP: Tracy Stokes, Richard Flintham, Casper Delaney
Producer: Noreen Khan
Online Producer: Alannah Currie
DP: Luke Palmer
Editor: Ben Campbell at Cut and Run
Lead Animator: Bernat Amengual
Sound Mix: Phil Bolland at 750mph
Special thanks to MPC, Panovision, The Khans & Shepperton studios

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Such a great concept. Unfortunately in the context of a music video … it becomes tired fairly quickly. That said, I don’t doubt we’ll see this replicated in a commercial in no time at all.

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