Saschka Unseld & Pixar: The Blue Umbrella Making-Of Holiday Calendar

The highlight of my 2013 advent calendar season was Saschka Unseld‘s The Blue Umbrella Making-Of Holiday Calendar.

Now that all twenty-four days have been revealed, enjoy a master class in making an animation short – from reading the original pitch to pre-enacting story beats with real umbrellas to early cinematography tests to story reels to color scripts to rain dramaturgy charts to amazing camera capture workflows.

Big thanks to Saschka and Pixar for sharing all of the hard work that went into creating this story!

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tuesday mcgowan

What an insightful peek into Pixar’s process. Love the concept work by Pixar prod designer, Jay Shuster. The camera capture test was also amazing! Congrats to Saschka Unseld and team.


As being a graphic artist I view this system for being top notch in addition to helpful to me personally in particular in our modern technology.Big thanks to Saschka along with Pixar pertaining to discussing all the hard work in which travelled in to developing that history.
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