Jupiter II short film by Maxim Zhestkov

Jupiter II short film by Maxim Zhestkov.

An extremely atmospheric sci-fi space drama is the debut to Maxim as a live action director. Nearly two years in the making and here is the result.

Update: Making-of video



looks good but i’d like to hear more sound effects.


Who wrote the script/concept?


Beautifully done!




cool leaves me wanting to see more!

Henry McMillan

Beautiful aesthetic, good audio work, terrible plot, wooden performances… to enumerate is to ridicule.

Seriously, it could have been a masterpiece with a bare nymph otherwise it’s rather dry, somehow alluding to Tarkovsky’s Solaris.


I like the vaginal machinery. I could imagine that being the next big thing…


we knew Zhestkov can do amazing sci-fi aesthetics, but everything else about this piece makes me cringe – plot, storytelling and especially the live action just feel so amateurish – it completely distracts me from feeling immersed in the film


My interpretation: A woman is injured, she needed to drink some sort of energy drink (eg. redbull) to cure. A guy promised to bring her the redbull, however the woman couldn’t wait, so she decided to find red bull herself. After a series of slow motion…… she finally found redbull (white can version), however she died before she could open the can…


hahaha – love it, right on the money!

Bjorn Vanflorn

I completely agree with the comments above.

This piece lacks all restraint and looks like one of the Red Giant films. Seems like they are trying to make up for the lack of concept/story development with adjustment layers.

On a side note, when can we put this overly technical non-functional scifi look to bed?


The ol’ floating-touch-screen-Mission-Impossible-1990s-thing. It will never die. More than one ‘featured’ vid had in in the last month! Sad.


This could be perfectly a perfume ad.


Sorry guys but this is crap. Can you please feature some good stuff ? He is great in motion graphics but this looks just like bad student work from 2006. sorry.


… this is uh… ok this isn’t good… i get that… not that big of a fan of this piece myself. I do think it becomes unfair when people harp on motionographer for posting it. I’m a fan of Zhestkov’s work for sure. And even if this isn’t his best piece (by far) – I still want motionographer to report on these kinda pieces because I’m interested to know how someone with zhestkov’s talents translates to something like this. I’m not going to be be surfing his vimeo channel and check in his new work all the time. That’s why I come here to get all the latest news on anything – whether it be good or bad.

This dude has earned some fame to have his dumpier pieces posted too. And it’s not complete shit. Props for trying something more ambitious. Certainly more than I can say for myself these days.


Don’t want to be too hard on Zhestkov, but this is just an exercise in style, a la the Joseph Kosinski school of filmmaking. White, cinical, lab like environments with floating interfaces have been done to death in the last decade or so…why do we need to see more of them? Especially when there is no story.

But as someone said, the most amazing thing about a film is not whether it is good or bad…..it’s that it ever got made in the first place. Props to Maxim for putting something out there….maybe you can focus on the story next time??

Jeff Briant (@jeffbriant)

love this… such nice work. thorpster as well. woot up

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