Matt Christensen “Rolling”

Sometimes, you just need to smile. Hoping this whimsical film by Matt Christensen brings some joy to your hump day.

Matt was kind enough to share the origins of the hero of Rolling below.

What was your inspiration?

I came up with the idea while watching Nymphomaniac. It was a bitter response to the rejection of a previous idea that was deemed “too gruesome”, but then I fell in love with the little guy.

How long did it take to create the film? How did you fabricate/shoot it?

I made the whole thing in about two months, animating 110 frames every day.

After everything was made, I set up the only shot of the film and started animating.

Other than knowing the guy would be rolling around for two minutes I had nothing planned. Every day was another nine seconds I had to come up with, so every nine seconds there’s a different mindset, and different idea, a different plan for the film.

What’s the little guy up to now? What are you up to now?

My little friend is suspended in air at my studio watching me work on my next project, the film that was too gruesome.

Thanks Matt!

For more behind-the-scenes, check out Matt’s website!

Film by Matt Christensen
Music and Sound by Ben Christensen
Assistant Fabricators: Angela Juarez, Ben Christensen, Aarica North
Voice: Julia Sosin
Producer: Nona Griffin

Executive Producer: TEDMED
Supported by: Imagine Science Films
Produced by: Imaginal Disc
Producers: Alexis Gambis, Nona Griffin, Nate Door