Joe Donaldson: First of All

“First of All” is designer / director Joe Donaldson’s swan song to NYC before making the big leap over to LA to join Buck as an art director. The montage is a “best of” moments from the nearly 6 minutes of content Joe and his talented team tacked together for the NYC school board as a PSA. Some really rad stuff in there like an owl having his brain tickled, a graduating meme cat, and an anal retentive arachnid. The montage features a faux-fi indie vibe with bold color choices, tasteful textures, and some really smooth transitions. Kudos to the team and best of luck to one of Motionographer’s own with his wacky adventures in Hollyweird!

Credits from the original production:

Production Company: Not To Scale
Director: Joe Donaldson
Producer: Zack Kortright, Chad Carbone
Production Coordinator: Lauren Farrell
Storyboards: Joe Donaldson, Eileen Tjan
Design: Joe Donaldson, Ben Hill, Eileen Tjan
Animation: Joe Donaldson, Ben Hill, Tyler Wergin, Barabara Benas, Austin Robert, Eve Weinberg
Sound Design and Music: Sono Sanctus