Oddfellows: Works With Nest

Oddfellows winds through a connected home with a heck of a lot of animation and illustration charm. We asked them to give us a small peek inside the making-of:

This project is our fourth and most ambitious collaboration with the design team at Nest. They had an existing live action version of the video that was technically sound, but limiting in how you could show the Works With Nest line of products really working together.

So we set out to tell a more compelling story, combining our talents in motion design and cel animation with live action products. Finding the sweet spot for integrating these styles took a great deal of exploration, but in the end we found a harmonious place for them to co-exist.

The making of this video was a global effort, leveraging a talented team divided by different time zones. Keeping everyone connected was a challenge, but one that was worthwhile as the collaboration between the artists really brought the piece to life – endless hugs to all involved.

CharacterSheet animals-004 realisticNest dogwalk_003 house_001 raccoon_001

Client: Nest
Creative Director: Matteo Vianello
Design Director: Elie Monge
Creative Producer: Jessica Koontz

Directed by: Oddfellows
Creative Director: Colin Trenter
Executive Producer: TJ Kearney
Design: Jay Quercia, Chris Anderson, Colin Trenter, Chris Kelly
Animation: Chris Anderson, Stan Cameron, Thierno Bah, Thiago Masci, Jay Quercia, Colin Trenter
Music & Sound Design: Sono Sanctus, Nick DeMatteo


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