“At work” by Georgia Tribuiani

Every so often you come across a piece that really surprises you. “At work” by director Georgia Tribuiani is that piece for me. Through a series of playful vignettes, Georgia creates a minimal world for Building Block which is full of surprise and intrigue.

There are few things I can think of caring about less than designer bags, yet while watching “At work” I found myself wanting to find out more. With each new vignette, you are faced with a new set of questions — Where are the humans? What is that bag doing on an escalator? How would a bag press the buttons of the elevator?

As each new question arose, it soon became clear that none of this matters. In fact, this was the intention all along. By making the piece devoid of all the ingredients you would expect to see, Georgia places the emphasis on what matters most: the products themselves.

“At work” is deceptively simple, yet by leveraging a smart combination of stark graphic landscapes, unexpected foley sounds and fractured compositions, Georgia was able to reskin something that we think we’ve all seen before and turn it into something sophisticated, fresh and inspiring.


Director: Georgia Tribuiani
Producer: Lindsey Ramey
DP: Eli Goldstein
Set Designer: Kate Insley
Editor: Terry Huynh
Sound Designer: Xander Lott