After Effects Seattle June


Making Hi-Res Monsters in ZBrush with Quincy Vadan

Quincy is a Seattle-based advanced 3D modeler with a love of designing hi-res characters in ZBrush. In 45 minutes or less, Quincy will guide you through his creative process for creating a nightmarish hi-res monster in ZBrush, from concepting, to researching references, to sculpting and sub-dividing, to polypainting. Walk away with an understanding of how to use ZBrush to exorcise your demons with Quincy’s easy-to-apply process and practical tool tips!

Wacom Technologies is sponsoring the event by bringing in the Cintiq to show off and they will be giving away an Intuos Pro Medium!

This meeting is also sponsored by TekSystems a staffing agency dealing with big clients in the greater Seattle area. They will be on site to answer questions and hang out with the group. They are also getting us pizza!

All attendees will be eligible for door prizes, and Patreon ( patrons will be eligible for a couple PREMIUM door prizes. (regardless of whether they are present or not) To sign up as a Patreon patron (only $10 a month… go to to donate.

Door Prize Sponsors:

Imagineer Systems
Red Giant Software
Video Copilot
Rampant Design Tools
Maxon Cineversity
The Pixel Lab
Casey Baker’s Trigger

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