Brand New School and DIA Form New Creative Partnership

Brand New School (BNS) is proud to announce an exciting new partnership with DIA, a progressive design agency specializing in kinetic identities and typographic systems.

In joining forces on select projects, the companies leverage BNS’s world-class capabilities in design-driven production with DIA’s revolutionary approach to identity design and typography. This alliance allows the businesses to create comprehensive brand campaigns and experiences born from identity systems through generative design, animation, CGI, and live-action.

Both BNS and DIA are known for amplifying brands through forward-thinking design. The studios’ shared ethos played a role in the success of their recently created kinetic typography and branded 3D campaign for Verizon, which served as both a new visual language for Verizon and the launch campaign for their newly introduced 5G network. This comes on the heels of a TV and OOH campaign for Johnnie Walker, which activated hundreds of screens throughout the US and Europe, providing a seamless production for an expansive delivery across all mediums.

“DIA is the global gold standard for kinetic identity systems and animated typography,” says Devin Brook, BNS Managing Partner. “We’re creating holistic campaigns that touch every aspect of a brand – with an equally high level of design and animation: from brand identity to TV, social, retail, and OOH.”

“For years, BNS has maintained a strong point of view and design sensibility,” says DIA Managing Partner, Meg Donohoe. “With this unique partnership, we can offer forward-thinking identity design with full brand activation across any medium. We look forward to pushing design systems into more immersive and experiential formats.”

Brand New School has been helping brands shape their visual voice through inspired design-driven solutions for two decades. We’re not a school or an agency. And while we make things, we’re not simply a production company, visual effects house, or motion studio. This identity crisis has served us well over the years, leading to creative opportunities while shaping a diverse team and portfolio along the way. We’re connected by our love for design, humanity, and curiosity, and how they intersect to move us forward.

DIA is a design agency specializing in kinetic identities and typographic systems. Based in NY and Switzerland, DIA breathes life into brands by elevating how they communicate with audiences through their signature kinetic type. Their systematic approach creates memorable and adaptable brand experiences. DIA’s goal as a studio is to evolve the design process and to create design systems that move, literally, beyond the typical modernist identity system. The focus of R&D in the studio keeps them fresh and anticipating how new forms of technology will shape their approach and affect brand communications. In 2019, DIA was inducted into the AGI (Alliance Graphique Internationale).

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