2017 AMP Awards


Yet another stellar example of animation and sound design from the dream team of Buck and Antfood. A big round of applause is in order for Daniel Oeffinger and Rasmus Bak for their design and animation in this fantastically absurd piece!

From the creator:

Join our protagonist Randy as he endeavours to find the hidden truths buried inside the arcane geo-futuristic world that is Music for Advertising. When the aural wizards over at Antfood approached us to collaborate on the opening titles for the 2017 AMP Awards, our only question was "how many butts?" The answer may surprise you.

Directed by Buck
For full credits visit buck.tv

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ahahaha this is wonderful! ♥

AJ Jones

I was sent here as part of my class discussion and i loved it. Nice graphics and the music is awesome.


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