American Kamikaze


From the creator:

Post the events of the early 21st century, a small cluster of wealthy influencers, encapsulated in a microcosm of privilege, urge on a deranged and narcissistic President. Hell-bent on the procurement of his own sycophantic cult of worship, he continues to engage in greater and more repugnant tactics of fear, crushing all who seek to stand in his way.

In a country at war with itself, the poor remain silenced and the easily influenced continue to have their minds poisoned, descending into a seduction of empty promises and easy answers.

Erosive years of war have ravaged the earth, leaving a frayed environment now sensitive to solar radiation. High technology remains a memory. And so, supercharged with patriotism, 20th-century engineering and 500 pounds of high explosive power, demands are being met for a symbolic sacrifice. The death rattle of liberty.


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