American World Jewish Service “Child Marriage”


From the creator:

Directed by Gunner
Illustration: Ian Sigmon, Nick Forshee, Marcus Bakke
Animation: Ian Sigmon, Nick Forshee, Marcus Bakke, David Jouppi, John Hughes
Cel Animation: Mel Mcann
3D modeling: Mike Dupree
Sound Design & Music:
Client: 270 Strategies

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Bravo! As a Psychiatrist, I’m all too aware of the mental health catastrophes that are commonly caused by child marriage. Sexual & Physical abuse, PTSD, Depression & Suicide are frequently encountered and the consequences of children not complying with parental decisions include honour-related violence ranging from acid-attacks to murder by nuclear family members. It is entirely appropriate that organisations of many varieties offer to assist the Indian Government put a stop to Child Marriage by offering alternative pathways that families can support whilst retaining their honour. Changing child marriage culture is a stated aim of the Indian Government and realistically, change will take place, at least initially, one girl at a time. I have no doubt that a tipping point will be reached, when societal pressure will reduce this practice to a negligible fringe. Keep up the great work!


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