Black Ice

Christopher Dormoy

From the creator:

Black Ice is a personnal project I worked on during the period of the COVID-19 pandemic and the confinement. Having to stay home does not mean less creation. It is time to observe and experience elements and details of our daily life that we find at home.
I wanted to play with ice, flower and ink and see what kind of universe I can created with the macro and motion timelapse technique. I spent many hours to observe and experiment the ice and how it react with liquids like ink but also, oil, paint and soap. Some effects are hypnotic and surprising.

To realise this project, I used a Nikon Z6 with a Atomos Ninja V and the Edelkrone ecosystem.
I used 2 lenses: The Nikkor Macro 105mm and the Loawa 24mm.

Spring by Cathedral
Musicbed Licensed

Fleuriste Foliole

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