Champ Panupong Techawongthawon | TED-ED | How does artificial intelligence learn?


From the creator:

TED-ED | How does artificial intelligence learn?

I partnered with TED Ed in creating this video. I had a lot of fun art directing, designing and animating this piece. The vision I had on this came out beyond what I expected and I felt that I really pushed myself. I can say that I’m very proud of it :)

Thank you to @sounds_like_ambrose / Ambrose Yu for the amazing music that drives this animation and really bring this piece to life

Thank you TED Ed for giving me this opportunity! Looking forward to collab again in the future!

Here's the link to TED Ed youtube

Here's the link to me

Here's the link to Ambrose Yu

Full Credits

Briana Brownell

Champ Panupong Techawongthawon

Safia Elhillo

Ambrose Yu

Sound Designer
Ambrose Yu

Director of Production
Gerta Xhelo

Editorial Director
Alex Rosenthal

Bethany Cutmore-Scott

Editorial Producer
Daniel Kwartler

Script Editors
Alex Gendler
Eleanor Nelson

Executive Creative Director
Logan Smalley