From the creator:

INTRO FOR "Great Eight Festival" / @ggggggggfest
Festival is dedicated to the topic of Identity.

Media, Games, Design, Music, Advertising and many more. Each creative industry is individual, unique and answers to its request from the society. But it is difficult to imagine each of the industries in isolation from the rest. Its like an organism, team, symbiosis. Thats how it should be!

For the main titles we created eight unique characters and eight group scenes. Then we asked 8 famous designers and studios to create unique masks for the main character of each scene.

In production we used motion capture suit and Vive virtual camera in Unreal Engine. Feel the moves.

Direction: Anton Shavkero / @shavkero
Art-direction: Alexandr Gorin / @anklovee
Idea & Production: CLAN / @clanhub
Dop: Alex Kupriyanov / @kupriyanov_alexey
Edit: Alexandr Chuykov / @kvadrate
Sound: Monoleak / @monoleak
Motion-capture actor: Kirill Rusin / @kirllrusin
Agency: RedKeds / @redkedsagency

MASK DESIGN (in order of appearance):
FANTASTIC / @fantasticmotion
Pokras Lampas / @pokraslampas
Sila Sveta / @silasveta
Fuckyou.Digital /
LOOP / @loop_moscow
Petrick Studio /
Anatolii Belikov / @anatolikbelikov
Nikita Replyanski / @n.replyanski

Zinnur Mustafin / @zinnurogram
Yuriy Adam / @adamjim
Alexandr Gorin / @anklovee
Anton Shavkero / @shavkero
Veronika Boglay / @greenronja
Marianna Shavkero / @justmariann


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