Dear B.I.G.


From Alex

“Biggie was a monumental talent and Steve Stoute is a living legend. Being part of a project that helped one pay tribute to the other was such an honor. One of the lovely things about creating animation is that it can help visualize abstract ideas like emotion, memory and admiration. With this film we wanted to create something intimate that complimented the personal experiences Steve had with BIG’s music but something that expressed the experience the broader community had as they saw Biggie shift the culture around them. The energy between these ideas as Steve Stoute expresses them was a wonderful thing to respond to as we carefully designed and animated the film.”


Client: A&E Networks, Biography
Title: Dear B.I.G
Sound: Cypher Audio
Launch Date: Thursday 7th Sept

VP, Marketing & Strategy: Sabrina Malick
VP, Brand Creative: Jonathan Davis
VP, Brand Production: Kate Leonard

Production Company: Blinkink
Director: Alex Grigg
Executive Producer: Ryan Goodwin-Smith
Producer: Matt Marsh
Production Coordinator: Rosanna Morley

Entertainment Company: Sunshine
Executive Producer: Lesley Williams
Creative Director: Simon Holmes

From the creator:

Directed by Alex Grigg

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