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Client: ProtoPie
Jenna Yim, Chief Strategy Officer
Fredo Tan, Head of Growth

Agency: Zerotrillion
Alex Paquin, Chief Executive Officer
Adam Fierman, Global Creative Director
Aubrey Podolsky, Executive Strategy Director
Caitlin Margoulis, Account Manager

Production House: Psyop
Directors: Kylie Matulick, Todd Mueller
Executive Producer: Neysa Horsburgh/Adriane Scott-Kemp
Head of Production: Christine Schneider
Senior Producer: Joe Maggiore, Nick Read
Associate Producer: Hanna Stolarski
Designers: Paul Cayrol, Chris Martin, Scott Martin, Renegades of Phong, Stephanie Stromenger
Animation Supervisor: Ryan Moran
Storyboard Artist: Tristyn Pease
Flame Artist: Kim Stevenson
Colorist: Kim Stevenson
Editor: Almog Antonir, Yaniv Dabach

Animation Studio: SUPAMONKS
Line Producer: Pierre de Cabissole, Sebastien ‘Zwib’ Ho
Studio Director:Julien Bagnol-Roy
Studio Supervisor: Maxime Caron
Head of Productions: Marlène Ranchon
Head of Production: Marine Perrin
CG Supervisor: Simon Bau
Technical Director: Hugo Chenin
Developer: Steeve Vincent
Look Development: Simon Bau, Claire Besson
Colorboard & Matte Painting: Sébastien Le Divenah
Character Modeling & Rigging: KARLAB
Character Surfacing: Gabriel D’Orazio, Guilherme Proença
Environment Modeling & Surfacing: Kimico Baeyens, Nicolas Ferracci, Mathieu Metreau, Mathis Rombaut, Aurélie Scouarnec, Félipo Zozor
Rigging: Simon Reynaud
Head of Animation: Samy Fecih
Animation: Alexis Androsic, Florian Causse, Sigmund Payne, Julien Reyes, Charly Mauri
CFX Supervisor: Emeric Penninck
CFX: Charlotte Guittet, Laura Gimenez
Lighting / Compositing: Claire Besson, Eva Corniou, Laura Saintecatherine
Finances & Administration: Youcef Safraoui, Sahar Ghribi
Music arranged by Robert Miller / RNDM ORDR
Sound design and mix by Bill Chesley / Henryboy

From the creator:

An idea in your head is a lot on your mind.

New ideas are exciting, but that’s not the only emotion. Because you know that every great idea is part blessing and part burden. They can be distracting, overwhelming, electrifying, terrifying and every other feeling all at the same time.

As designers, we all struggle with this, but there’s a solution. Turn those ideas into prototypes.

At ProtoPie, we bring you the most powerful and intuitive ways to transform your ideas into shareable, testable, tangible prototypes. Ideas don’t belong in your head, so set them free with ProtoPie.

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