The Veggemo Story

Giant Ant

From the creator:

At Giant Ant we love a good allergen-friendly vegetable-based non-dairy beverage. And we love musicals. So obviously we were excited to bring those two things together, finally. Our good pals at Antfood brought our lyrics to life in tremendous fashion. So tilt your seat back, put on your headphones, and learn a thing or two about veggies.

Client: Global Gardens Group
VP Marketing: Wade Bayne
Producer: Andrea Rathborne

Agency: Pendo
Strategists: Don Cleland, Peter Ladd

Directed by Giant Ant
Producer: Liam Hogan
Creative Direction: Jay Grandin
Script & Lyrics: Conor Whelan, Jay Grandin, Cory Philpott
Storyboard: Conor Whelan
Art Direction: Rafael Mayani
Illustration: Rafael Mayani, Marion Bordeyne, Eric Pautz
Character Animation: Henrique Barone, Chris Anderson, Conor Whelan, Josh Parker, Diego MacLean, Matt James, Jay Grandin
2D Animation & Compositing: Conor Whelan, Nicholas Ferreira, Matt James, Jay Grandin, Taylor Peters
3D Animation: Nicholas Ferreira
Original Music & Sound Design: Antfood
Additional Lyrics: Antfood

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Alec Broekhuizen

Giant ant … who else , another great production


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