LOGAN Partners with Footlocker and Nike to Launch Animated #DiscoverYourAir Campaign

LOGAN, teaming with Laundry Service-Cycle Collective, collaborated with pop singer Lolo Zouaï, and rappers Father and Santan Dave to express each of the artists’ complex identities as eye-popping animations featuring Nike’s new Air Max Plus 3 shoe. Their individual stories range from a trippy journey through the many sides of Father’s golden brain to Zouaï’s multi-continental background and Santan Dave’s drive for personal truth. The mix of technical expertise and cultural immediacy represents the full breadth of LOGAN’s creative capacity.  Full project here.


Agency: Laundry Service-Cycle Collective

Executive Creative Director: Alexei Tylevich
Executive Producer: Paul Abatemarco
Creative Director: Marcelo Garcia
Lead Animator: Gaspard Lacroix
Producers: Peter Rynsky, Karina Kharchenko
Designers: Waka Ichinose, Sakona Kong, My Tran, Curry Trian, Josh Lee
Editor: Matt Anderson
Animation Team: Edwin Chiu, John Budion, Aaron Kim, Kathleen Figueroa, Roman Materna, Yu Okuizumi
Stills Photographer: Caleb Coppola

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