Maggie Dave – I’m Not Ready

Cassie Shao

It is an animated music video for LA-based band Maggie Dave’s new single I’m Not Ready.
It is a mixed-media video that combines digital character animation with acrylic paintings to create a dreamscape journey, wherein a world too fast for one to catch up with, a sheep-shaped man patiently awaits for a never-incoming train.

From the creator:

Directed & Animated by Cassie Shao
Produced by Sean David Christensen

“I'm Not Ready” written by Maggie Dave
Vocals & keyboard: Sean David Christensen
Synthesizers: Mark Christopher & Ricky Berger

Vocals engineered by Ricky Berger
Mixed by Ricky Berger & Mark Christopher
Mastering by Trevor Case

--Official Screenings--

2020 Insomnia International Animation Film Festival
2020 Animafest Gdansk
2020 Portland Film Festival
2020 San Diego Underground Film Festival
2020 Cucalorus Film Festival
2020 Sweaty Eyeballs Animation Festival
2020 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival
2020 Sidewalk Film Festival
2020 Linoleum Contemporary Animation and Media Art Festival
2020 Nevada City Film Festival
2020 Unknown Film Festival
2020 Fest Anča
2020 Pictoplasma Berlin Festival and Conference
2020 Athens International Film + Video Festival
2019 Music Video & Shorts Night #3

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