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Martino Prendini

From the creator:

Second animated film of Vertabrae series
by Martino Prendini

Vertebrae is a path in becoming aware of some aspects of my feeling and in finding new ways.
A map that extends from some focal nodes that I felt the need to face. Each of these represented both an acquired awareness and a change, in a symbiotic path between a need to define myself and a desire to lose myself.
As with any truly intimate aspect that one tries to express, the difficulty and the charm lies in rediscovering it outside of oneself. Everything seems inevitably more naive, less incisive, more rudimentary, but I think this laying out is much more powerful and meaningful than a refined form. For this reason I preferred to work alone on every aspect, animation, lyrics, music, voice over, with my means and my limits but looking for an honesty that starts from a confrontation with myself.
My vertebral map in search of fixed points inevitably leaves me without maps, in the end, but with the kinetic momentum of an arc.

Axis is the second vertebra from the top, which represents the pivot on which the Atlas rotates. An axis and therefore a direction, an intent, a posture and a possible will. The starting point for a journey in depth.

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