Mathijs Luijten | Jesper Ryom – Nights

Mathijs Luijten

From the creator:

I sometimes send a message to people who inspire me, like the amazing producer Jesper Ryom. A casual facebook message, what could possible come from that...?

I’m very proud to have directed the music video for "Nights", a new track by Jesper Ryom. I was over the moon to get awesome teammate Sofie Lee to help out with concept and design. Together we worked days and 'nights' to create this audio visual journey.

"A whimsical journey through childhood memories and future dreams"

Being locked inside during this pandemic, our main character reflects on cherished memories of childhood. Times of freedom filled with running outside, enjoying the vast horizons and discovering the beauty of nature. He/she remembers past and future goals (represented by an ever-changing circle) to finally realise the goal was closer than he/she thought.

The music of Jesper Ryom has, for many years now, helped me get into a 'flow state'. The positive drive of his music inspires me to move forward, discover, create and have fun. I hope I've been able to transfer this feeling through the music video.

Director - Mathijs Luijten
Producer - Mathijs Luijten
Story/concept - Mathijs Luijten & Sofie Lee
Art Director / Designer - Sofie Lee
Animation - Mathijs Luijten
Additional Animation - Will Pietsch
Musician - Jesper Ryom
Label - Gautier De Bosredon (delicieuse-musique)

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