“Mother Russia Bleeds” trailer

WIZZ design

From the creator:

Directors : CRCR
Production Wizz (Quad Group)
CRCR strike again with this new trailer for the ultra violent game Mother Russia Bleeds. This retro video game reminds us of what was so good about those games from the 80’s. It’s been developed by a talented Parisien studio called Le Cartel (Published by Devolder). The film introduces three thugs, the heroes of the game, who are forced to take some weird green drug to defend themselves from the evil hordes of a dark and shady Russia.

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Максим Блащук

Réalisation – CRCR
Production – Wizz Design
Animation – Rémi Bastie, Vic Chung, Nicolas Dehghani, Leyla Kaddoura, Paul Lacolley, Nicolas Pegon
Sound design : Chez Jean
Musique : Fixions

None of the Russian authors in the list. If the Russian is evil, who are you on your way? People deserve good? sinless children of the saint democracy?? What’s the good act wich justifies the multiplication of evil in people’s minds? And one of the authors have been in Russia? Are you know what you’re talking about? I answer – no! then your job is propoganda – invisible crescent of future wars(( I hope peoples in the world much clever than fools. sorry for bad eng (but it better than your rus)


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